Best Ab Roller 2017

The ab wheel is one of the most important fitness aids that you can buy and use at home, without worrying that you have invested too much. In the beginning it is a very challenging tool to use, but that is what makes it fun, because, you learn very quickly how to balance with it, and how to flow with the movement.

Introduction to the Ab Roller

Ab rollers have been around the exercise circuit for a while because they are so effective. The ab roller is designed to make pushups easier and more efficient while making the exercise available for all skill levels. They work core muscles in your shoulders, arms, upper and lower back as well as all sections of your abdomen. Some rollers also give you the ability to work the oblique’s or ‘love handles’. They are simple devices that are compact and inexpensive. They work these muscles groups in a way that is more effective that regular pushups, while helping complete exercises with the proper form. This reduces injury and works muscles more efficiently.

Everyday sit-ups and pushups will help develop muscles but not as efficiently as when you use equipment that really focuses on certain muscle groups. Muscles groups require different stresses to maximize results. Ab rollers are able to move you past a plateau and develop both abdomen and upper body muscles quickly and successfully. They will help you work out with the best form and force muscle groups to work together to improve your body’s image. Ab rollers encourage your body to work the right muscles for the perfect ab.

Everyone’s probably knows that if he want rock-solid shredded abs and want to shape his body, then he should work for these abs, and that is what using an amazing ab wheel will make him do. Doing heavy workouts can be irritating if your body is not shaped and abs are not stable and so don’t worry because you can strengthen your abs and shape your body by using an ab wheel. Super charge your workout and your metabolism with an ab roller. The exercises are simple yet effective and the design of all ab rollers is the same, however, the technology within the wheel makes a big difference in the effectiveness of the workout. The device is compact and can be stored anywhere making it easy to use at home or carry with you when you travel. Ab rollers are used for building your core and upper body strength in one simple piece of equipment.

Top 10 Ab Rollers

RankPictureAb RollerWeight Capacity (lbs)Material
1Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro< 300Carbon Fiber, Steel Spring
2Valeo VA2413RE Dual Ab Wheel< 300Rubber, Silicone
3Iron Gym Speed Abs Complete< 276Steel Coil, Rubber
4Elite sportz equipment The Ab Wheel Roller Pro< 400Plastic, Metal
5Amazing Core Fitness Ab Roller< 287ABS
6PharMeDoc Ab Roller< 200Plastic, Rubber
7Wacces AB Power Wheel< 200Rubber, Steel
8Youactive Sports AB-WOW Ab Roller< 250PVC
9Epitomie Fitness BIO Core Ab Roller< 450PVC, Steel
10URBNFit Ab Roller< 250Polypropylene

Top Pick – Perfect Fitness Ab Carver

The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro will allow you to carve out a six pack in lightning speed. The wheel features a wide wheel base that is able to stabilize your movements keeping your body centered. You can move the wheel at an angle to create a workout for your sides, which are always a challenge. There is a carbon spring inside of the wheel that increases the effectiveness over each movement. It adds resistance as you extend the roller and then provides addition support as you bring the roller back in. This adds efficiency to the workout and creates a kinetic engine. The hand grips are made from rubber for a non-slip comfortable grip and the ergonomic design alleviates hand strain. Foam knee pads are also included for additional comfort. The knee pads are made from high density foam that will keep its shape over time. You are also able to complete tow push-ups for an even tougher workout.

It is one of the more expensive choices you could make, although way below the average price of a gym membership, but still it is a beautiful, brilliant machine and it would be a shame to just keep in the back of the closet gathering dust. Included with the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is a digital download featuring a 21-day work out for the fastest results possible. It will create six pack abs and sculpt your arms fast and effectively. Created by a Navy Seal it provides the perfect support for effective pushups. It will increase upper body strength while developing your core. Using the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro will give you a lean, flat stomach by providing the proper form and a quality workout. This gives you faster results with less work.

Valeo Dual Ab Wheel

The Valeo Dual Ab Wheel is a top pick because it offers a simple yet effective design. One of the undeniable facts of life is that you will never have all the money you could wish to have to invest, even when it comes to your health. So in our search for the best ab wheel on the market we also looked for the best budget choice, and we think we have found it in the Valeo Inred Dual Ab Wheel. The non skid wheel creates a stable pushup on any floor surface. The unit includes a metal bar as the handle on each side of the wheel with a rubber grip that is both comfortable and firm to reduce hands from slipping. The dual Ab wheel will tone and firm abs while strengthening the arms and back. You are able to complete pushups from your knees or in a full push up position making it a good device for both beginners and advanced users.

The wheels are made from a strong plastic material with rubber nonslip grips. There are two wheels that are combined together for greater balance and control during the pushups. The wheels are locked into place securely not allowing any movement while you work out. The grips are also made from plastic with rubber grips for increased comfort. The bar that rolls the wheel is made from a metal material for additional durability. This is a great wheel for beginners who are just starting out. The two-wheel design offers better stability and the design is very simple to use. The wheel will stay balances and will give you an effective ab workout with only a few minutes a day.

Complete Workout Iron Gym Abdominal Roller Wheel

The Complete Workout Iron Gym Abdominal Roller Wheel is a top pick because of its compactness and functionality. It includes both the ab roller and a work out video from a professional trainer, giving you everything you need to get those six pack abs you have always wanted in no time. This core trainer will tone your abs, both upper and lower, along with your oblique’s, giving you a total core workout. In addition to this the Ab roller with build muscles in the shoulders, arms and neck providing a complete upper body workout.

The Complete Workout Iron Gym Abdominal Roller Wheel includes an interior steel coil for added resistance on the way out and a controlled return when pulling the roller back in. The wheel is large enough to be balanced giving you greater efficiency and working muscles with proper posture. The hand grips are a comfortable rubberized grips that are ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue during your workout. This also gives you better control and reduces the chance of injury. This roller will work effectively on any floor surface effectively due to the anti-slip wheel. The Complete Workout Iron Gym Abdominal Roller Wheel will provide a full upper body workout and build your balance as well as your muscles.

Top Rated Ab Rollers Summary

We have selected the best ab rollers available to give you an efficient upper body workout. While this is a simple device, proper use and a quality roller are important to both safety and results. The Complete Fitness and Iron Gym ab rollers offer tension coils which provide a more efficient workout. The Complete Fitness unit also offers knee pads and a download for the perfect 21-day workout to six pack abs. The Iron Gym provides a professionally made video with exercises and guidance for the most efficient way to use your ab roller. These two also have ergonomic handles for a more comfortable grip. The Valeo gives you a simple design and a cost effective option for beginners to get the hang of using an ab roller in your existing workout routine.

Ab Roller Buyers Guide

What is an Ab Roller?

When looking for an ab roller there are a number of decisions that will impact the quality of the workout you will receive.

An ab roller is a device that helps complete pushups more efficiently and works a larger range of muscles than pushups without an ab roller. You can isolate the right muscle groups and work muscles more efficiently that doing ordinary pushups. These are good for beginners who struggle with pushups and build upper body strength with the help of the wheel. More advanced users can use the wheel to work specific muscle groups and create six pack abs more efficiently. Even highly trained athletes like Navy seals use ab rollers to keep their bodies in top condition. While tight abs are nice for your appearance, having strong ab muscles improve posture and help with overall fitness and health.

The design of an ab roller is fairly basic. You have a wheel and handles. The wheel rolls in and out to assist with the pushup and isolate muscle groups. The handles are designed to hold the entire weight of your body and can offer a complete upper body workout.

Ab wheels or rollers are compact devices that can be stored at home without taking up space, brought to the gym, or carried during travel. They are lightweight and compact, yet provide a range of exercises that are specific for building abs and upper body strength. They are also known to build back strength and can alleviate a host of back pain issues due to muscle weakness.

Two Wheels or one?

Ab rollers either come with two thinner wheels or one wide wheel. The two thinner wheels can be used as one wheel or two. Two wheels offer the ability to change your balance requirements and sit up skill level. The two wheels are put tightly together for a smooth movement in and out. The wider single wheel units can be less stable and are often angled giving you the ability to work oblique’s as well as abs. Instead of going straight out and back you are able to go in and out at an angle to work different muscle groups.

Foot Pedals Or Handle?

Some ab rollers come with foot pedals as an option, in addition to the hand grips. The key with the handles are comfort. It needs to be able to hold your full body weight and have the wheel still roll easily forward and backward. You use your muscles in both directions creating an efficient exercise routine.

Getting The Most Out of Your Roller

Some ab rollers only include the rollers and others include exercise videos or downloads that can help you make the most of your workout. They are simple machines but they are a wide range of exercises that can be completed with a roller. YouTube videos are also available to help guide you through a workout routine that will work with your fitness level and lifestyle.

How Do You Work Out?

Will the ab roller add to your current exercise schedule or be used solely? A full upper body workout can be completed with ab rollers that have a wide wheel that can be used at different angles. This allows you to work more muscle groups that a two-wheel roller that only goes forward and backward. You may also benefit from ab rollers that look more like a set of weights and you use one roller in each hand. These are typically used by more advanced users as they are more difficult to control.

Diet and Exercise

Any diet routine will be more effective if you add cardio, lower body exercises and a proper diet. Adding the ab roller to a sensible diet and a complete workout routine will provide the best results.

Features to Consider

The ab wheel should help you stay balances through the whole push up and give you support on the way back. Push-ups can be completed from the knees or in full push up position and will work the upper body. You want a wheel that is wide enough to keep you balanced as you exercise. Some wheels offer the ability to work at an angle while still giving you support. This feature will allow you to work your ‘love handles’ as well as your core abs. Some units offer two wheels, and others have a wider wheel for better support. Rollers can come with one or two wheels or one wheel for each hand. Two wheels together provides the most stable surface to work with. One wide wheel gives you a larger range of exercises that can be accomplished with the roller. A wheel for each hand offers the ability to improve balance as well as working out your core and upper body.

The hand grips are often plastic or rubber. Because the whole weight of your body is on the wheel having a comfortable grip is essential. An ergonomic grip will help reduce hand strain while you are building arm, back and ab muscles. Handles care typically either straight out or a curved design. Curved handles give you a more ergonomic design.

The Internal Mechanism that offers resistance will make for a more efficient workout. These can still accommodate beginners and advanced users because you can start from knee pushups and work your way up to toe push ups. Extra resistance allows you to get more muscle workout with less pushups.

Non Slip Features are essential for both the wheel and the hands. You do not want the wheel to slide on a hard floor surface and your hands sliding could cause you to fall. Rubber and other non-slip surfaces should surround the wheel and the hand grips to prevent falling or injury.


While choosing an amazing and best ab wheel, first of all consider where you’ll use this ab wheel and how this thing will fit into your workout schedule. These ab wheels are compact and do not take up too much space and are very functional and best for building upper body strength. If you are looking for a flat stomach or a six pack abs, than this ab wheel will help you and is very important to complete exercises are must to build these core muscles quickly efficiently and quickly, in a proper way. Looking to improve your build or core?

When choosing an ab roller consider where you will use it and how it will fit into your current workout schedule. They are compact and do not take up much room and are very functional for building upper body strength. Looking for a six pack abs or a flat stomach, an ab roller will help you complete exercises necessary to build these core muscles quickly and efficiently, with proper form. If you are looking to improve your core or build your upper body then an ab roller can help you find success.