Best Flashlight 2017

Real men aren’t afraid of the dark – at least that’s what they say. But the most practical among us know the real ticket to taking on the world’s darkest corners, whether on a backwoods hiking trip or climbing under the house to wrench on the plumbing, is the right tool. The brightest flashlight can make working in the dark easier and less frustrating. It illuminates the world’s dangers so you can face down your fears one confident step at a time.

Introduction to the Flashlight

There are tons of flashlights on the market today. Flashlights range from under $20 to over $200, yet they may be the same size. What are the differences? Brightness is the biggest one. A pricier light is more powerful due to the use of advanced bulb, battery and circuitry technology. A rechargeable battery can add to the cost, as can features such as strong impact- and water-resistance, effective heat dissipation and multiple lighting modes. Choosing one can be really overwhelming without the right information to help you narrow down the selection. The flashlight market is constantly changing and updating with technological advancements adding features and capabilities that flashlights never had before. All of these advancements can make it quite a challenge to make a good decision.

With so many situations where it is possible that you will need a flashlight, it is very smart to have a few handy. Power outages, emergencies, and camping are just a few of the circumstances where a good quality flashlight is a necessity. When you need one is not when you want to find out that the flashlight you have isn’t working.

Finding the right flashlight or flashlights involves taking certain things into consideration and looking at specific factors that make one flashlight better than another. We’ll help you understand what those considerations and factors are so you can evaluate the different options and choose the ones that are right for you.

Top Ranked Flashlights

RankPictureFlashlightLumensWattageLifespan (hrs)Weight (oz)
1Refun E6 High Powered Tactical Led Flashlight60010100,0004
2Outlite A100 Rechargeable Portable LED Tactical Flashlight500 – 90010100,00012
3Vansky 700 LED Tactical Flashlight700530,0006.4
4J5 Tactical V1-PRO 300 Lumen Ultra Bright Flashlight300750,0002.4
5Maglite LED 3-Cell D Flashlight168350,00012
6Dorcy 41-2510 Floating Waterproof LED Flashlight55610,0004.48
7LE Adjustable Focus Mini LED Tactical Flashlight140330,0003.4
8Hausbell 7W Ultra Bright Mini LED Tactical Flashlight3007100,0002.29
9PeakPlus Super Bright LED Tactical Flashlight100010100,0005
10BYB Super Bright 9 LED Mini Aluminum Flashlight

Top Pick – Refun Handheld Flashlight with 600 Lumens

If you are looking for a good quality flashlight that has the capacity to light up the areas you need when you need, get this Refun 600 lumen handheld flashlight. It is made of high quality aluminum alloy that is sturdy and durable enough for long term daily use. It features a crenelated strike bezel that enhances self defense, A CREE, high powered LED lamp base that has a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours or longer. The Refun 600 Lumen Handheld Flashlight is water resistant and has 5 light modes:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Strobe
  • SOS

This flashlight is powered by 1 x 18650 3.6volt or 3.7volt battery or 3 AAA batteries. The CREE XM-L T6 LED super bright bulb provides plenty of super bright light and even has a blinding effect. The focus range is adjustable so you can adjust it to fit the situation you are dealing with. This sturdy flashlight includes a 30 day money back warranty and a lifetime breakage warranty.

Outlite A100 900 Lumens CREE XML T6 LED Tactical Flashlight

This strong and sturdy Outlite A100 Lumens CREE XML T6 LED Tactical Flashlight is made of high quality 6061T aluminum alloy that is sturdy and durable and will last a long time. It is capable of standing up on a flat surface so it can provide light the way a candle would. Features of this tactical flashlight include adjustable focus, zoom out 500-700 lumens, zoom in 700-900 lumens, 5 operating modes including:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Strobe
  • SOS

The easy to operate on/off button is convenient. The CREE XM-L T6 LED, high powered LED that has a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours or more. This flashlight is water resistant against splashes and rain, but should not be put into water. Included with this flashlight is a 30 day money back warranty and has a lifetime warranty against breakage. Along with your tactical flashlight from Outlite, you will also have 1 white plastic battery tube (for using the 18650 battery), 1 AAA adaptor, 1 18650 battery, 1 charger, and 1 free pocket sized LED flashlight keychain.

Vansky 700 Lumen Cree Led Flashlight

The Vansky 700 CREE LED flashlight is compact, lightweight and has very high outputs. The light beam is adjustable and that includes spot and flood beams, and has 5 different flashing modes including:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Strobe
  • SOS

The heavy-duty aluminum housing is scratch and fade resistant and looks sleek and stylish. The Vansky Cree LED Flashlight has an extremely long life. The white LED lasts over 30,000+ hours. You won’t have to replace the cap for the whole life of the flashlight. This impressive flashlight is solid state and is both shock and vibration proof. It takes 1 – 18650 3.6 volt or 3.7 volt battery or 3 AAA batteries.

The water resistant and skid-proof design makes it a terrific choice for camping and other outdoor excursions. The ultra clear glass lens has anti-reflective coating and the anodized anti-abrasive coating ensures that it will stand up to lots of outdoor use. This flashlight has a 45 day money back guarantee, excellent customer support and a 1 year hassle free guarantee.

Top Rated Flashlights Summary

Flashlights are really valuable things to have around in the event of an emergency. The better the quality of the flashlight, the less you will have to worry about it not working when you need it. All three of the top rated choices reviewed above are all excellent examples of high quality flashlights that will stand up to the tasks you need it for.

Each of the products are heavy duty and have plenty of power, 5 different light modes, take easy to find batteries and are water resistant and durable. If you choose any one of these three, you will have it for a long time.

A portable light source can do many things besides make shadow puppets on the ceiling. It lights your path when it’s dark outside (or inside), helps you see things in tight spaces, and can even be used to blind an attacker, if you find yourself in such dire straits. A good flashlight should have some if not all of the following qualities: manageable size (depending on carry preference), a long-lasting LED bulb, a robust housing, water and shock resistance, recharge-ability, multiple modes, momentary beam and beam adjustment. Read more about choosing the right flashlight in our buyer’s guide below. We have included valuable information about what you should be looking at when you start searching for the right flashlight or flashlights for your needs.

Flashlight Buyers Guide

Think Before Buying

There are several things you want to think about when you start looking for a good quality flashlight. Ask yourself these things before you make a purchase.

  • Usage – What will you be using the flashlight for most often? Is it just for emergencies? For everyday use? Is it for camping? Knowing what the function is will help you focus on the flashlights that fit those needs the best.
  • Size – Are you looking for a flashlight that can double as a self defense weapon? Do you need it to fit into your pocket? Flashlights come in all sizes so you will need to think about the size or sizes you want.
  • Lumens – A dim flashlight is almost more frustrating than no light at all. How bright of a light do you want? The higher the lumens the more batteries you will need, but for those who want a flashlight that really lights up, lots of lumens would be a good thing, despite the battery use.
  • Beam Size – Many flashlights have adjustable beams which are the ideal situation to look for. This way you can decrease the size of the beam when you need a more focused light.
  • Beam Distance – This is how far the light will shine before the brightness diminishes to the equivalent of the light from a full moon. Full moon illumination is considered adequate for safe and careful travel outdoors.  This distance will vary with the brightness setting selected.
  • Budget – If you have a specific budget that you want to stick to, make sure you have it set before you start shopping.
  • Reliability/Durability – If you are going to make the effort to carry a flashlight with you it needs to work. A reliable flashlight is one that does not have electrical issues and comes on when you want it to, sometimes this is a quality issue but most likely it is a durability issue. A durable flashlight will be made from a strong material like air-craft grade aluminum, titanium, or some very special plastics. The best flashlights have seals that close off the inside of the flashlight so dust, dirt, and water can not easily get in. Lastly, it will be mostly shock proof which means most will have LED bulbs.
  • Impact Resistance – Lights are tested by dropping them 6 times onto concrete at the rated distance. This test is primarily to ensure the light remains functional after occasional accidental drops. It is not a test of resistance for a light being run over, being struck with a heavy object or being used to strike other objects.
  • How many? – Most people don’t just have ONE flashlight. Decide on how many you would want to ideally have in your home in the event of an emergency. You may think about purchasing 1 -2 or the high powered, more expensive ones, but then purchase several of the inexpensive ones to give each family member in the event of a power outage so they are not stuck in their rooms in the dark.

Types of Flashlights

There are many different types of flashlights on the market. We have outlined the different types below and have provided information about each of them so you can understand the differences between them.

  • LED Flashlight – LEDs are one of the biggest inventions that have come about in the world of lighting. They’ve been around for a long time and used to only be available in red and blue. Now there are white LEDs and they are found everywhere, from flashlights to outdoor lighting. If you’re looking for a bright, rugged flashlight, and LED model is a good choice.
  • Incandescent Flashlight – These flashlights have a gas-filled bulb that has a filament inside that creates light. This type of flashlight is the kind that has been around for a very long time and is what most of the flashlights were. One of the advantages of having an incandescent flashlight is that they are very inexpensive. They are a good choice if you are looking to stock several for emergency situations. They use up batteries faster but can produce just as much light as an LED.
  • Tactical Flashlight – These high powered flashlights have a very focused beam and can handle extreme force. They are originally designed to fit into a bracket that is located on a rifle.
  • Pocket/Key Chained Size – Even if you have a few flashlights in a larger size, it is a good idea to have pocket flashlights if you are out at night a lot. You don’t want to get one that is TOO small, but purchasing one that fits into your pocket or purse is a real convenience.

Flashlight Battery Types

The type and availability of replacement batteries is often a factor in selecting a flashlight.

  • Disposable: The most common battery sizes in use, AAA or AA, are readily available. CR123A is also a common choice, but is more expensive and can be harder to find. Their upside is a higher voltage output for a smaller size and weight, making possible a brighter flashlight in a smaller, lighter package. Flashlights using D cell batteries are still available if you want a baton-sized tool for security or a light that will not get lost in a pocket.
  • Rechargeable: Built-in lithium-ion batteries can be recharged through a USB connection from a computer, AC or DC outlet or solar panel. The higher upfront cost is more than made up for by the low ongoing running cost, no need for disposable batteries and reduced waste.
  • Renewable: Flashlights with a built-in battery energized by a hand crank or solar panel are ideal for emergency kits.
    • Caution: Do not use lithium or lithium-ion batteries with any flashlight unless recommended by the manufacturer. You risk damaging a light by mismatching it with lithium batteries.

Considerations Before Buying a Flashlight

Lumens are the only thing to compare flashlights by. You want to look at how concentrated the beam of light can become as well as how far you can see with the light of the flashlight as your only source. If you have to go outside at night, you don’t want to be stuck with a flashlight that has a very small range of light.

Consider the cost of batteries. Cheaper isn’t always better because the cheaper flashlights tend to use up battery power much faster. Look for battery efficient models or models that have rechargeable batteries which will help lower the cost of purchasing batteries repeatedly.

Bright, super blinding light isn’t always a benefit. Look for bright light, but not so bright that all you see is spots when it is on. How important is the whiteness of the light? If this is Important to you, make sure to look for the flashlights that advertise a bright, white light.

Durable, rugged and long lasting is very important when you are shopping for flashlights. If you invest good money in a flashlight, you want it to last a long time. Look for durable construction, rugged materials and good warranties. Anodize 3 is the hardest and most rugged, but anodized 2 is usually sufficient as well.


Regardless of the reason you need a flashlight; you want to ensure that the model you purchase is good quality, long lasting, efficient, provide tons of light and is easy to use. Knowing that you have a dependable means of light in the event of an emergency, while you are outside during a camping trip, or any other number of reasons that you could need a flashlight can bring you a lot of peace of mind.

Most people have more than one flashlight, so think about buying a few in different sizes to keep in various places. Also make sure you have a high powered flashlight for your vehicles in the event of a breakdown at night. You will be super glad that you have the light you need if you are stuck on the side of the road late night.

The information in this buyer’s guide and the reviews of the top rated flashlights are all designed to help you make a good decision about the kind of flashlight to choose. Having the knowledge you need assures you of making a good decision so you end up with a product that is great quality and that will meet all of your demands and needs.